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The Reno Icontest Community, Yo.
Recent Entries 
3rd-Oct-2005 08:23 am(no subject)
We so need more entries for the first challenge before voting, so I'll extend it another week.

Make something, yo!
28th-Sep-2005 08:34 am(no subject)
Dudes. We've got three entries.

Show Reno the love here, yo.
23rd-Sep-2005 02:46 pm - challenge oo1; stillness
Our first week is a Stillness Challenge.

[original image]

Feel free to edit or add to the base any outside images, or recrop the original image. Some part of the icon must include the original base image. You may make two icons. Both must have the base or base image in it. The image cannot be animated.

You have until Friday, September 30th to submit your icons to this screened post by submission format, which is as follows


Happy iconing!
19th-Sep-2005 08:19 am - Welcome!
Welcome to the Reno Awards!

The first challenge will be up shortly. But for now, if you have a contest that you'd like to affilliate with us, please, drop us a note here!

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